Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards from New Mexico
Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards from New Mexico

Dianne and Mike Jaramillo have created a line of delicious Mustards under the Old Pecos Foods Co. label. The Mustards are made with the finest nautral ingredients. They are gentle and delicate Gourmet Mustards with it's own unique flavors used always in mind. Each delectable jar of mustard is 9oz. Try them all and enjoy.

Using only the finest ingredients, our exotic mustards cater to the most particular of palates. We create an assortment of exquisite and delicious flavors to satisfy every mustard lover's desire.

We are passionate about offering only the "The World's Finest Mustards and Gourmet Products".

OUR MISSION: To Offer Only The Finest Gourmet Mustards While Simultaneously Keeping Costs as Low as Possible.

Diane Jaramillo
Old Pecos Foods - gourmet mustards from New Mexico

Old Pecos Foods products are made in Glorietta, N.M. with love and care. There are several unique varieties for your dining pleasure. The company started back in 1998. We take pride in making our products and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We have great tasting gourmet southwestern style products you can enjoy. All natural mustards and chile sauce.



Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards

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