Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards from New Mexico
Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards from New Mexico

All mustards are great on burgers, brats, hotdogs and sandwiches!

mustard potato salad

mustard smothered avocado

Quick and tasty, healthy ideas:

* Try as a glaze on salmon or chicken

* Substitute in egg salad, potato salad and tuna salad

* Combine with equal parts olive oil and a squeeze of lemon or red wine vinegar, then toss to coat steamed veggies or a green salad

* For a quick and healthy snack, split and avocado and smother it with green chile mustard or spicy garlic mustard


mustard glazed salmon

green salad with mustard vinaigrette




*1/3 cup red wine vinegar

*2 Tbsp. olive oil

*1 Tbsp. Pecan Honey Mustard


Combine to create a delicious dipping sauce for chicken tenders, nuggets or wings

  pecan honey mustard dipping sauce  



*4 eggs, scrambled or in an omelet

*1 Tbsp. Green Chile Mustard

Prepare your scrambled eggs or omelet as usual but add in the green chile mustard for a spicy delicious kick!



Also: Spread on sandwiches, mix into tuna salad, top off a grilled cheese, or combine into deviled eggs.

  scrambled eggs with green chile mustard  



*6 Tbsp. Red Chile Mustard

*6 Tbsp. water

Combine mustard and water in a ziplock bag. Then add chicken, baby back ribs or pork tenderloin and let marinate overnight. Grill, bake or prepare any way you like for a flavorful addition to your average meat routine.

  red chile mustard baby back ribs  

*2 Tbsp olive oil

*2-3 Tbsp Red Chile Mustard

*1 lb. uncooked shrimp

Fry shrimp in olive oil and Red Chile Mustard until almost done. Then add more Red Chile Mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice. Cook un til done, enjoy!


  red chile mustard fried shrimp  



*3 lbs. pork roast

*Half jar (4.5 oz.) Hickory Almond Mustard

*1 Tbsp molasses

Mix mustard and molasses and place all ingredients in a slow cooker on low. When done, add more mustard to taste.

  hickory almond mustard glazed pork roast  



*Slather Spicy Garlic Mustard on white fish fillets with a squeeze of lemon juice before grilling/baking/frying/etc

*Add a few Tbsp. of Spicy Garlic Mustard into your deviled egg filling and top with your favorite hot sauce!

  spicy garlic mustard deviled eggs  

Old Pecos Foods - Gourmet Mustards

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