Green Chile Mustard
Green Chile Mustard A very delightful spicy mustard considered a universal or all purpose mustard, great in dips, sauces, on fish or meats, with the authentic green chile flavor that compliments most gourmet meals.


Red Chile Mustard
Red Chile Mustard
A hot red chile mustard great for sandwiches. It is fabulous added to oil and vinegar for salad dressings or mixed into a light sour cream to create a mouth-watering dip for chips and vegetables.


Hickory Almond Mustard
Hickory Almond Mustard
Southwestern style organic gourmet mustard. A nice, smoky mustard for barbeques and everything else. Great on smoked meats or Boca burgers too!


Pecan Honey Mustard
Pure Honey Mustard Why do we call this pure honey mustard? Simple. It is sweetened with only pure honey - no sugars, no corn syrup or artificial sweetners. A pure hot sweet delight.


Spicy Garlic Mustard
Spicy Garlic Mustard If you like garlic, this is the mustard for you. With a smooth and creamy garlic taste, this mustard is perfect for a variety of uses and a must for every gourmet kitchen.


2 Jar Variety Pack
Variety 2 pack of mustards
This 2-jar variety pack is the perfect gift for any mustard lover, even yourself! It comes with a 3oz. jar each of our yummy green chile mustard and a jar of our hot and spicy red chile mustard.


5 Jar Variety Pack
Variety 5 pack of mustards
Our 5-jar variety pack gives you an opportunity to sample almost all of our most popular mustards. It makes a great gift! It comes with a 3 oz. jar each of our yummy green chile mustard, a jar of hot and spicy red chile mustard, a jar of hickory almond mustard, a jar of spicy garlic mustard and last but not least a jar of our sweet and sassy honey mustard.


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